Our response to proposals for a mobile phone mast in The Avenue

We have submitted comments to East Herts Council on proposals for a 15m mobile mast on land opposite shops in The Avenue

These proposals are described as “Installation of a 15m monopole tower to support antenna, associated radio-equipment housing and ancillary development. | Land Adj Car Parking The Avenue Hertford Hertfordshire“.

While the land opposite the shops on the Avenue is not specifically mentioned in the neighbourhood plan, we do not consider that the addition of a 15m structure on a tranquil area of green very close to local housing would be appropriate. It would represent an ugly and unwelcome development. The height of the mast would mean that it would dominate the area and its siting only 12.5 metres from the nearest property at 46 The Avenue is far from ideal. We note that the structure would be higher than local trees and would therefore be prominent and be significantly visually intrusive.

You can read our full response here.