Get Involved

The BNAP Steering Group meets roughly every month to assess BNAP progress, to plan future activities, to discuss any issues and to make decisions.  These meetings are open to the public in the sense that members of the public are welcome to attend to hear what is said.  Very unusually, it may be necessary to discuss some particularly sensitive matters in which case members of the public would be asked to leave the meeting for the duration of any such discussion.

The schedule of meetings is shown below – venue and timing information are normally published at least 2 weeks before each meeting.  If a member of the public wishes to address a meeting they should email at least 7 days beforehand requesting a speaking slot (note that a 3 minute time limit will normally apply).

Future meeting dates:

8th May 2019 – 8pm at The Bengeo Club, Bengeo Street.

You can also find out more information through Hertford Town Council and your Residents’ Association: Molewood Residents’ Association, Lower Bengeo Residents’ Association, and Watermill Estate Residents’ Association. Stop Bengeo Quarry group also supports the initiative.

What area does the proposed plan cover? Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan is to cover Bengeo Ward, which is a diverse area, including a part of the town centre of Hertford to the South and agricultural land to the North. See the map of Bengeo Ward.