Get Involved

Now that the Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan is at an advanced stage of development, the emphasis has shifted from formulating the policies that will influence local planning decisions up to 2033, to taking forward the projects outlined on page 64 of the draft Plan. During the lifetime of the Plan, other projects may be supported.

From 2020, the Community Steering Group (CSG) is likely to meet 3/4 times a year. Meeting dates will be posted on this page. If you’d like to attend a CSG meeting, or get involved, please email:

Between September 2017 and November 2019, the CSG met 19 times and five community Working Groups regularly got together to agree the Neighbourhood Plan’s content. They worked with the support of Hertford Town Council and under the guidance of an experienced planning consultant. Hertford Bengeo Ward residents were consulted throughout at community meetings, exhibitions, drop-in events and through surveys and consultation papers. The Plan’s development was also supported by the Molewood, Watermill Estate and Lower Bengeo Residents’ Associations as well as the Stop Bengeo Quarry initiative.

When the next draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is submitted to East Herts District Council (EHDC), it will be posted on this website, together with a Consultation Statement, which will include outcomes from the summer consultation on the draft Plan. After the EHDC consultation, an independent examiner will review the Plan. Subject to outcomes, the Plan will then be voted on at a referendum by Hertford Bengeo Ward residents. If adopted, it will have the same legal status as the East Herts District Plan. Progress updates will be posted on the ‘News’ page of this website as well as on local social media.

This page last updated 26th November 2019