Theatre proposals welcomed

The Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan Steering Group have responded to the public consultation on plans for the redevelopment of Hertford Theatre.

Artists impression of redeveloped Hertford Theatre

Although Hertford Theatre is primarily within Hertford Castle Ward, a small section of it (part of the current café seating area) falls within Hertford Bengeo Ward. Based on information provided in the consultation material, the new side elevation, housing the proposed café and bar on the ground floor and Cinema 1 on the first floor, is likely to project further into the Bengeo Neighbourhood Plan Area.

We welcome the proposals to:

  • increase the connectivity between the theatre and its surroundings, particularly with the River Lea and Hertford
    Castle Gardens
  • retain as much of the existing building as is practicable
  • improve and increase the range, volume and quality of facilities for the local community and wider population
  • use (where possible) sustainable electricity
  • landscape using ‘bee friendly’ native species

Subject to plans being approved, we understand that construction is scheduled to commence in August 2021 and complete in April 2023. As Hertford Theatre is such a key community building, it’s vital that the project is delivered to schedule so that disruption to local roads is minimised and to enable Hertford’s residents and visitors to Hertford to benefit from the proposed enhanced community facilities.

We will submit a response to the full planning application