Public Consultation

It is really crucial that the people of Bengeo Ward feel that they have a voice in the new Neighbourhood plan. We have been busy working on the plan for nearly  18 months and we are at the stage where we have a set of policies and a draft plan. Now you have a unique chance to give us feedback during our public consultation on Saturday the 23rd of March and Sunday the 24th of March.

Whatever your situation if you have some thoughts about our neighbourhood – make sure that your opinion on the policies we have developed is expressed so that we can take account of it.

There are five key areas within the plan these are :

  1. Natural Environment and Green Spaces
  2. Traffic and Sustainable Transport
  3. Culture and Community
  4. Housing and Development
  5. Business

Each of these areas have working groups which have developed policies and objectives, these will inform the decisions of planners for a generation to come.

I am really keen that our plan is as radical as is possible within the Neighbourhood Plan framework and that we tackle within it pressing issues like traffic congestion and rat running. We want to  protect some valued green spaces , improve local rights of way and make walking and cycling around the area safer and more enjoyable. We want to help create a Bengeo we can be proud of for our children and grandchildren. It is your Neighbourhood Plan and it is up to you to make sure that we know what you think. So I really look forward to seeing you at the exhibition and having a chance for a chat and listening to your thoughts. See you there!

» Click here for the consultation leaflet