Natural Environment and Green Spaces Update

The Natural Environment & Green Spaces group aims to look at every type of green space within Bengeo ward including woodland, farm land, nature reserves, Hartham Common, allotments and Children’s Play areas.So many people in Bengeo love the area because of its semi-rural location and open spaces. It is a key characteristic of our ward. Whether it be looking after an allotment or walking out on a pleasant afternoon across one of the many country walks that surround the area. The sense of openness and mixed land use is key to the area’s identity.

We in the Natural Environment and Green Spaces Working Group have been thrilled by the positive responses we have received while discussing our local green spaces, and the key role that many people feel these spaces play in their lives. Once, not so long ago Bengeo was a small rural village, but despite much growth the area has managed to keep that semi-rural atmosphere. We feel this is part of who we are.

The key aims of the group are to:

  • Promote and protect rights of way around Bengeo including cycle tracks, walking routes and common land.
  • Enable sustainable use of Bengeo green spaces.
  • Maintain and protect wildlife habitats within Bengeo ward.
  • Promote use of our natural environment for recreational activity for all ages.
  • Protect Bengeo ward from poor air quality by protecting and increasing green lungs and corridors.

The groups is currently evaluating the following projects:

  1. Including a photo library and detailed use of mapping to optimise conservation opportunities.
  2. Using the disused railway land in lower Bengeo as a cycleway and footpath.
  3. Having a community garden and or aviary amongst other ideas.