Business Survey

The Businesses Working Group is trying to get some further feedback from Bengeo Ward businesses. Therefore we are now asking all local businesses (big and small) that we know of to respond to our very brief 1 page survey so that we can get further views on what the Bengeo Ward businesses would like to see in future Bengeo Neighbourhood Plan.

Please download and fill out the Word document below and email to

» Download Business Survey (Microsoft Word document)

Business Owners – We Need Your Input

Business owners in the Bengeo Ward are invited to attend the next meeting of the BNAP Business Working Group on Thursday 9th November at the Millbridge Rooms in The Wash.

The Business Working Group seeks to gather input, opinion and advice from all of the business owners within the Ward to ensure their views, ideas and needs are accurately represented. In short, it is your opportunity to ‘have your say’ and help shape Bengeo Ward for businesses both now and in the future.

» View Leaflet (PDF)