Preliminary Working Groups Discussions

40 volunteers who live or work in Bengeo Ward attended the interactive session focused on the current status and main themes of Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan (BNAP). The meeting organised last Wednesday by BNAP’s interim Steering Group provided an opportunity for the participants to find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan and potential ways of supporting it and getting involved.

Mark Lynch, the Co-Chair of the BNAP Steering Group, opened the meeting by explaining the current status of the BNAP and outlined the process and key stages of creating BNAP. County Cllr Andrew Stevenson, also the Co-chair of the BNAP Steering Group, provided a brief explanation of the structure and the governance of this community-led initiative, which is supported by Hertford Town Council. The designated area of the Hertford Bengeo Ward has now been formally accepted by East Herts District Council.  

At present the interim Community Steering Group includes Chairs of all the existing residents’ associations and other representative groups, including Hertford Civil Society and Councillors. Hertford Town Council have established their own Working Party to monitor progress and assist as appropriate. Membership of the Community Steering Group is open and there is a need to have a balanced representation of the community within the Group.

A Neighbourhood Plan consists of a number of chapters, each of which articulate specific issues of concern to the community, and should respect the District Local Plan for development. Continue reading “Preliminary Working Groups Discussions”